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Decorate Your Home for 24/7 Good Vibes

Decorate Your Home for 24/7 Good Vibes

When it comes to picking the type of decor you use in your house or apartment, it makes sense to focus on your interests and personal lifestyle choices. If good vibes are something you value, why not stuffy bedding and boring stripes throw pillows and surround yourself with comfortable stuff that feels intrinsically you?


EzVibez exists to help you enjoy life on your own terms. While work, school, or other specific parts of your life may get in the way of showing your true colors, you can always let loose at home with your own style. Not only can you make every room look great, but home goods can do double duty as odor-proof storage and more.


Chill Out In the Perfect Bedroom


What room in your house contributes to relaxed lifestyle more than your bedroom? There are so many design options to choose from that include everything from boring solid colors to vibrant plaid for pretty flowers. If your tastes run to something a little different, consider showing it off with comfy bedding in psychedelic colors with massive leaf prints.[i] Another option is rainbow foliage on black backgrounds with awesome geometric designs.


You get the perfect spot to lay back and relax cuddle up after a long day at work when you just need to get rid of stress completely.


Expand Good Vibes to Every Room


Who says comfort should only stay in the bedroom? You may not want an all-over psychedelic couch or tablecloth in the kitchen, but if you throw pillows with amazing prints can help. If you love the vintage colors and swirls of the 1960s era, and aesthetic square pillowcase would look amazing in your living room. You prefer something a bit more modern with high resolution detailing and photo-realism, choose a silky smooth pillowcase.[ii]


Creating the right mood for easy vibes depends a lot on how your whole house feels. It is about playing with perceptions and introducing the unexpected. Back in the day, lava lamps and black lights transformed any setting into something vibrant and different. Today, opt for more environmentally friendly, safer, and cooler LED lights.


Instead of taking up your whole bedside table or shelf, these tiny button lights run on battery, are controlled with a remote, and even work underwater.[iii] Drop them in an indoor fountain, a glass vase, or even outside in the pool. Choose from a complete rainbow of colors and a whole range of settings to create the look you want. You control the mood in the palm of your hand.


It takes more than soft pillows, cozy blankets, and awesome LED lights to create the kind of ambience you need to really relax and be yourself at home. EZVibez has a large collection of other products that can help you turn your personal space into the best reflection of you.







*Due to unfortunate circumstances,  many of these products are no longer available. We do not know when they will be back.




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  • Looks nice.😉

  • I try and keep negative energy out of our home as much as possible. Home should be our zen and safe place!

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  • There are a lot of cool items on this page. I am looking forward to transitioning my current set up.

    Janice Meek
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    Donna Evans
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    Beverly King

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